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Kostis Gardikis

Musician & Research And Development Director at APIVITA

Konstantinos Gardikis is a graduate of the Athens School of Pharmacy, holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Pharmacy and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology. From the beginning of his professional career, he has taught in laboratories of the Athens School of Pharmacy, has been the inventor of 17 patents, has received 3 awards for research and innovation and has run 2 pharmacies. He now works as Director of Research and Development of APIVITA, while he is also a Board Member of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies. What makes him a really special personality though, is the fact that, in addition to all the above, he has studied classical guitar, harmony, composition and vocals and he is active as a composer, performer, sound artist and producer with music groups “Dance with Invisible Partners” and “lokatola”. His personal research objects are the invisible, the subtle nuances of reality and the emptiness, and for his research combines science and art as one entity.Initially these elements seem incompatible, however K. Gardikis combines them with great success. With his project “Dance with Invisible Partners”, he composes music and does sound design and production for theater, film and visual poetry while performing live dark electronic pop shows. The project’s first album was released in 2018 entitled "Honey". However, the creation of the second album was interrupted by the pandemic and its multiple lockdowns, leaving him locked in a house with a laptop and a piano as his main means of occupation. Thus, something that started as a random engagement with online artificial intelligence programs, evolved into the creation of a digital meta-band and consequently the birth of a new, very special album. “#Artificial” was released in September 2021 in physical and digital copies but also as an NFT, with much of the lyrics and music being written using AI. The album also includes the song "Poulia" in which Stamatis Kraounakis participates vocally.