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Apostolos Apostolakis

Tech entrepreneur and investor - Founding Partner at Venturefriends

Apostolos Apostolakis is a Greek businessman who grew into an investor. His name is associated with Greek startups and entrepreneurship in the field of technology. He studied Civil Engineering at NTUA in 1998, and while going through the first year of his studies, he implemented the idea of creating the e-shop, the first online store in Greece, together with a fellow student. Acknowledging the fact that he would need to become more qualified in order to follow an entrepreneurial career, he decided to travel abroad and study in the United States, and more specifically at the Columbia Business School, in New York. In 2002 he obtained an MBA in Finance and began working as a consultant at Boston Consulting. However, the employee position didn’t suit him and so, in 2004, he returned to Greece and to e-shop, which was developing at a steady rate. At the beginning of the new decade, and after the difficult two years of economic recession at e-shop, he started concentrating on new startups. From 2010 to 2012 he became the co-founder of e-food and doctoranytime, as well as a Board Member at taxibeat. All three companies, based on the direct consumer-professional contact, evolved into great success stories, with continuous growth and innovation to date. The next step in his career is the founding of VentureFriends, a venture capital fund. Through this, he supported, both financially and as a consultant, many Greek and international startups (blueground, Welcome Pickups, FlexCar, Douleutaras.gr), with perhaps the most notable being InstaShop, which, having raised only $ 7 million, was sold to Delivery Hero for $ 360 million. In the year 2022, A. Apostolakis is considered one of the strongest figures in the field of entrepreneurship and has deservedly earned the title of "angel-investor", guiding and supporting the Greek fledgling entrepreneurship.