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Children on stage

Workshop by Children on stage
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Children on Stage (in greek “Παιδιά επί σκηνής”) is a pioneering workshop of creative expression, learning and action for children, adolescents and adults. Rachel - Maria Athanasopoulou, as a founding member, begins in 2000 the continuous and successful action of "children on stage", creating a dynamic workshop acclaimed in its field for the interactive workshops and programs it organizes in Greece and abroad, as well as for the Artistic Festival "Children on Stage" that it organizes every two years with its groups. In its 22 years of activity, "children on stage" has a strong presence in the field of education, as well as an artistic expression by designing and implementing: annual workshops, programs, workshops, training seminars for educators and artists, and independent workshops for companies and interactive theatrical performances and collaborations with other artistic groups. The concept of "team" is very important and is the basic principle of our philosophy. Through the emotional security that this creates, using the "tools" of art, the participant discovers himself and his abilities, expresses his feelings and develops his emotional intelligence, communicates, collaborates, and co-creates by finding his place in the whole and cultivating empathy and mutual respect, both in it and in those around him. What is the vision and goal of “Children on stage”? The desire to continue to be a place where people from all over the world will meet, having the opportunity to go along with the same attitude, as well as to co-create, believing that the world through Art can and will become better!

Side Event:

From our childhood until now, the memory of the role-playing game is unquestionably engraved in our memories. Growing up, unknowingly or not, we adopt the social decency behaviors we have been taught, we dress according to social norms, we integrate into society through imitation and we forget to listen to the child within us who wants to be expressive and spontaneous, who wants to be free. Children on stage will visit the stage of TEDx NTUA 2022 to remind us why “play” has an important role in our adult lives. In this interactive workshop, with Rachel-Maria Athanasopoulou, we will recall the basic characteristics of Play: joy, imagination, inspiration, humor, freedom, teamwork and adventure. We will remember that through the game we can better understand ourselves and our behaviors, to become expressive, spontaneous and free again. To become children again!