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Lena Divani


Lena Divani is a historian and writer. She studied at the National University of Kapodistrias, Department of Political and Public Administration, and then obtained her PhD at King’s College London, on the politics of exiled Greek governments. She worked as a law professor at the School of Law, Economics and Political Science of NKUA, until her recent resignation, as a sign of protest against the current condition of Greek universities. She has been a visiting Research Fellow at Harvard University, a visiting Professor at King's College London, a visiting researcher at the League of Nations archives in Geneva and a fellow at the Greek Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a founding member of the National Commission for Human Rights, was a member of the Board of Directors of ERT, vice-president of the National Book Center and the Organization for Collective Management of Speech Works, while he has collaborated, among others, with the historical archive of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hellenic Foundation of Culture and numerous private media. She appeared in the field of literature in 1994, with the collection of short stories titled "Why don’t you talk about me" and won the award for first-time writer “MARA RALLI”. Since then, she has published many novels, short story collections and children's books, which have been translated into many languages and adapted for television. Finally, she has appeared in the theater with four very successful performances.