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String Demons

Performance by String Demons

String Demons -Kostantinos and Lydia Boudounis- the siblings are going to ‘’Play’’ in TEDxNTUA 2022! A new string duet (cello, violin) that began its common musical career in 2014, composing, interpreting and adapting in an original way, a special look and influences from a wide musical spectrum that starts from classical music - from which they come - to Greek traditional / folk, rock, heavy metal, pop, Byzantine hymns, without signs and musical "blinkers". Giving a taste of their new pieces and using the strings, their voices and percussion as a vehicle, they invite us to follow them in their musical world, a world influenced by everything, without exception the "fields" of music, in a concert that has been characterized as a "living pleasure of the senses". What do you think? Are you in?