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Urbana Lab

Workshop by Urbana Lab

URBANA is a group of architects, social scientists and educators, operating since 2019, as a Civil Non-Profit Organization (NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION), based in Athens. Urbana's actions aim to ensure the right to the city for everyone and for this reason they utilize modern practices and interdisciplinary approaches, focusing on highlighting the gender perspective, inclusion and participation for the (re)design of modern urban spaces. Their vision... a city that fits us all, all and all. A city where different needs and desires coexist and in which we will feel comfortable and safe. In order for the city to be able to respond to the variety of human needs-desires, we all need to actively participate in its social and spatial development. As part of TEDx NTUA 2022, we asked the following question: Is the city designed for everyone, all and all? Who decides and for whom? Traditionally, urban planning was exclusively the decision of some "experts", who applied their own ideas, often ignoring the desires and needs of other social groups. With participatory urban planning, an innovative approach to urban regeneration in the Greek context, advocated by URBANA, the entire community is involved in the city planning process, thus giving the floor to people with different backgrounds and identities. We know that it is very difficult to put ourselves in the position of the other and fully understand their needs, but in the workshop/game we prepared for TEDxNTUA 2022, we will attempt to do so through an experiential participatory design game. And while this approach has something alive that cannot be simulated, our goal is for the players to come into first contact with it and to highlight the plurality of opinions that accompany it.